Extend-A-Family Kingston's

Diversity Garden

Our garden cultivates flowers, vegetables and community.

Extend-A-Family Kingston’s Diversity Garden is an accessible community and sensory garden where people learn, explore, relax and grow. The Diversity Garden was designed with the vision of being a catalyst for community development focused on social interactions, opportunities for recreation, exercise, therapy and education. This community and sensory garden also delivers an opportunity for intergenerational and cross-cultural connections for the people we support.

In partnership with community members, friends, partners and local businesses the Diversity Garden has become a fully inclusive environment where people come to teach, learn, socialize, and relax. The garden provides opportunity for children and adults to achieve strategic developmental, learning and educational outcomes.

The Diversity garden is the hub of Extend-A-Family Kingston’s program area and affords us the opportunity to reach out to our community and share a needed resource and strengthen relationships with neighbours and community. The Diversity Garden supports healthy people and strong communities and champions of an environment and culture that promotes personal wellbeing.

We are always seeking new and exciting program collaborations that will enable more people to utilize and contribute to our garden. If you would like to learn more about the diversity garden and partnership opportunities, please contact Maria Cordeiro, Manager of Community Services at 613-544-8939.