Extend-A-Family Kingston is a registered charity providing individuals with disabilities and their families with coordinated access to regional services, respite, inclusive programs and opportunities for personal growth, development and successful achievement of life goals.

In 1977, Extend-A-Family Kingston established a volunteer matching program which matched children with community volunteers for weekend and/or after school respite. This allowed their parents to find the time to renew their energy and strengthened them to be able to continue to support the exceptional needs of their children.

The need for integrated recreational activities was also evident. In 1990, Extend-A-Family Kingston responded with the first Integrated Summer Day Camp. The camp was located in a local public school and it served 18 participants, including not only children with special needs, but also some of their siblings. Over the years our programs have continued to grow and evolve. These changes are a heartfelt response to changing family needs, social changes and greater understanding of the benefits of social play for all children, in particular those with special needs.

Currently, Extend-A-Family Kingston operates various summer day camps (integrated, autism spectrum disorder and adult) which serve over 125 individuals with and without special needs. Additionally, there are social recreational programs, such as PD Days, Winter Camp, March Break Camp and Saturday Swim which operate during the school year and holiday breaks. These programs offer various activities which promote physical, social and mental well-being.