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Mission Statement

Extend-A-Family Kingston is a registered charity providing individuals with disabilities and their families with coordinated access to regional services, respite, inclusive programs and opportunities for personal growth, development and achievement of life goals.


Client Rights

Every person is protected and entitled to rights as identified by Canadian constitutional, provincial and other legislated rights. In addition to these protected rights, a person receiving support from Extend-A-Family Kingston has rights as they relate to the support and services received from us as a service provider.
These rights include:
1. To be dealt with in a courteous and respectful manner, and to be free from mental, physical, and financial abuse by the service provider.
2. To be recognized for their individuality, needs and preferences, including ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial and cultural factors.
3.To ask questions and voice concerns without fear of interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal; be informed of policies and procedures affecting service provider operations, and to receive written information on the procedures for initiating complaints about the service provider.
4. To set individual goals and aspirations for the future and to work with staff to develop a plan to work toward achieving those goals.
5. To consent to or refuse a service.
6. To have personal information such as records kept confidential in accordance with the law.
7. To freedom of movement.
8. To own and access personal possessions.
9.To receive supports and services that respond to persons individual needs.


Paul McGarvey, Executive Director

Maria Cordeiro, Manager of Community Services




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